Telementoring and Remote Surgical Training

Every year, more than 1.5 million surgical operations are not performed in the world because of a lack of surgical knowledge. This is an enormous waste of time and resources for hospitals. AIS TeleSurgeon was created to enhance surgical performance by connecting remote surgeons globally, opening up a new world of collaborative surgeries and remote training opportunities.
Second surgical opinion in real time

AIS TeleSurgeon allows surgeons in the OR to connect remotely with the best experts. These can provide real time indications through audio and Augmented Reality capabilities.

Remote Surgical Training

Surgeons can access a remote OR from their coach. The system provides an immersive experience designed to promote the best surgical training.

KOL Telementoring

Connecting the best KOLs in the world with surgeons in the OR to proctor them during the operation and helping them to take the right decisions.

Full-fledged system

AIS TeleSurgeon is a solution consisting of software and hardware that enables a real-time connection between a remote surgeon and the medical team operating in the OR. The remote surgeon can access the OR cameras and send visual indications to the OR screens.

Likewise, an audio connection is established between the medical team in the OR and the remote surgeon.

More than ten years testing a wide range of technologies

Dr. Antonio de Lacy has pioneered new techniques and procedures throughout his entire career. His in-depth expertise has allowed him to also make new developments and advances in telemedicine, releasing the first telementoring surgical iteration a decade ago. AIS TeleSurgeon is the result of ten years of discovery and innovation combined with new technologies such as 5G connectivity.

Proven success

Since its first public presentation in the Mobile World Congress 2019, AIS TeleSurgeon has been used in hundreds of Collaborative Surgeries and High Performance Surgical Trainings around the globe.

When science is led by technology

The solution has been designed with experts' assessment. Every process, feature and functionality has been tested in real conditions and approved by the healthcare professionals.


Remote surgeons can connect to the AIS TeleSurgeon platform from any tablet, laptop, or smartphone. The system automatically adapts its format and features to the device.

Lower travel expenses

Surgeons can virtually connect with the experts in the OR and keep training without traveling.

Fewer people, fewer infections, fewer costs

Remote training makes it possible to have fewer people in the OR, lowering the infection risk for the patient and the cost of materials for the hospital.

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